My Collection

I have rare, signed, and specialty books in gently used condition from the arts, to religion, to technology for children and adults. Search my collection of the latest finds in the pursuit of knowledge and treasures. I personally hand pick the books for resale on my site. 

Currently, I have 500 books. I'm in the process of photographing all the listing.  I ship books out as soon as I receive an order via USPS Priority Mail. Thanks to all my customers! Your purchase helps fund my doctoral studies in education.

Rare, signed, and speciality books in gently used condition.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one through PayPal. I plan to set this up by August 1, 2015.


A bibliophile loves books, while a logophile loves words. Which category describes you best? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Logophile comes from two Greek roots–logos, meaning “speech, word, reason” and philos, meaning “dear, friendly.”

I believe I’m a biblio-logophile because I love both words and books. My desk is stacked with books whose value are to be determined. I’m having fun learning the bookseller’s vocabulary such as foxing, endpapers, and fronticepiece. Collecting rare and unique books has broadened my knowledge of important writers and illustrators across 


Teacherrogers Bookstore


I started my bookstore to help pay for my college books.  I have sold books on Amazon and AbeBooks. Currently, I am considering different hosting options---including selling them on this site! 

I enjoy learning about what makes a book special. Books have always held a place in my heart as a child, a learner, a teacher, and now as a bookseller. 

Since some publishing houses are closing or reducing their publications, old books are increasing in value because new editions may never be created for mass publication again except maybe through e-books. In my opinion, nothing can replace a real book.