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Dr. Rogers produces K-12 educational material for, an open marketplace for educators. 

She has a PhD in instructional design and 5 years experience working in higher education. She uses a multi-theorectical systems approach.

Dr. Rogers has worked in Central and South America, Africa, and the U.S. She is a content developer, instructional designer, researcher, and trainer.



Services provided include e-course evaluations, instructional design, needs assessments, program evaluations, & training.

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"When I taught English as a second language, students would call me Teacher Rogers because of the formality in their culture to give a title of distinction to their teachers. It was a language transfer error that I used to correct all the time. Then I grew to like it. Of course, I'd gently remind them of the error occasionally. For example, my Spanish-speaking students used to call me Teacher Rogers, instead of Mrs. Rogers, because it's proper to call your teacher 'Maestra' in Hispanic culture. That's why my online moniker is Teacherrogers."   ---Dr. Rogers



Sandra A. Rogers